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Anthony Kiedis


Who I Am:

I am a performer. In the beginning, I did not create the Red Hot Chili Peppers to have a legitimate music career, I just loved being on stage. It doesn't matter to me if it's dancing, acting or singing, I was born to be the center of attention.

Who I Am Not:

I am no longer the guy that pawned away everything that he and his girlfriend owned for money to shoot up. I have retired from my days of couch surfing and stealing.

Who I Want To Be:

I have come a long way over the years but, I still have far to go. I want to continue to outdo myself music-wise. My goal is to keep topping my last album and keep creating quality music that my fans will enjoy. On top of everything I want to always be there for my son, Everly.

  • Work
    • Musician
  • Education
    • School of Hard Knocks