Anthony Moore

San Diego

Anthony Moore is the Creator of StuffGradsLike, an online resource for college grads that provides hilarious yet practical tips, tricks, and guidance for life after college.

He's also the creator of the Professional Graduate online course, an 8-week online curriculum designed to equip college grads with everything they need to be awesome in life after college.

Anthony is passionate about coaching college graduates, helping others to reach their full potential, and grilling the perfect steak. From leading a college ministry as President of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship to reading every article on blogging/life after college he can find to publishing content on top-tier sites like The Chicago Tribune, Brazen Careerist, and the national Intervarsity blog, Anthony is quickly becoming a highly-skilled and recognized writer and blogger.

He loves drinking coffee in the mornings, skating through downtown San Diego in the evenings, and staying up late working on new ideas at night. He writes and shares interesting thoughts about life after college on his Twitter. Connect with Anthony on LinkedIn or by email.

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