Anthony Presti

San Francisco

I grew up in Seattle, Washington during a spectacular movement in music; Grunge. Influenced by iconic musicians who not only inspired musical progression, but a lifestyle, I was inspired to pick up a guitar and explore the passions of not only listening to music, but creating it.

Throughout the years I was guided by several uncles and a guitar teacher. I learned mostly from playing along to cd's of artists such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Nirvana. As a young adolscent I moved to California and joined a angsty punk/hardcore band.

California changed my identity and helped me grow both personally and musically. I was introduced to Mike Patton, Jesus Lizard, Rage Against the Machine, amongst many others. I also discovered that it was ok to think the Beatles were cool.

Throughout years of playing music, a discovery unfolded. I not only loved playing it, but I was curious about its creation, and the innovators responsible for such. As a hobby, I started to write about it.

Fast forward. My band broke up. I was lost. I picked up an acoustic guitar and inevitably became a solo artist. I went back to college, earned a degree in Creative Writing/Journalism, and am now writing for a professional blogging site and playing music across the Nation. One thing that being persistent taught me is this: Anything is attainable so long as you try. I thank music- and my instructors- for silently passing the lesson along.

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    • SF Station
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    • Sonoma State University