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The pedaling action is smooth at low tension, but as youincrease the tension (i.e., difficulty of pedaling), the action becomes jerkyand the mechanism makes a squealing noise. (You get what you pay for!).

I sit in any comfortable chair and pedal away. I have veryweak legs and I still have to put it on almost the highest resistance, for ablebodied people this may be a problem.

The unit doesn't seem to move around much while I pedal, butI think it really just depends how you pedal on it. If you're pedaling wildlyall over the place, you will move this thing all over the place. If you'vebiked a little and have a smooth pedal motion going, it shouldn't move at all.

I don't believe this item was made for serious use. Thepedometer stopped counting reps, calories or even keeping time only 10 minutesinto the first use.

Stamina works fine and served its purpose when I had neededa stationary bike which you use in the seated position. When I was using it, Iput several light weight dumbbells over the stand to help hold it in placeduring use.

I was afraid that this would turn out to be tinny and nottoo good, but have been extremely happy with this peddler. Solid quality andfolds up for storage, easy to use and everything I was looking for.

One of the pedals on the bike (a metal weld) was completelysnapped off, I can only assume that this happened before it shipped, as 1"thick metal does not break that easily. Obvioulsly I am returning the item, itis just the frustration that I am even having to do so is annoying.

Prior to having this bike, I had a larger version that didnot fold. The primary use of the bike is for under my desk at work and the factthat it is compact even when unfolded is a huge bonus.

Item arrived in good condition and is exactly as ordered.Useful for exercising arm and legs while watching TV or just sitting around.Would recommend for those who are limited physically but still want to find away to get home gym fitness equipment

The center piece broke when I attempted to turn the tensionup, and I had to glue the sides back on. Later on, one of the plastic washersbroke, so it feels awkward to use. The tension doesn't stay for very long.

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