A.D. Williams

Writer and Artist in Michigan

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I recently became an author of a science fiction and fantasy based novel under the pen name A.D. Williams. I began this journey in a different but similar arena of storytelling as an artist, opposed to being a writer. In 1995, I studied Computer-Aided Drafting and then Computer Animation in 1998 looking to make it in the world of animation. In 2006, I then forged to establish a CGI Animation Studio and wrote my first script as the initial 3D animated project for the intended studio; however, failed to establish the studio and the project went nowhere. In 2010, I made the obvious decision to turn his original script into a novel to get his project to the public. As a child, I was an avid comic book reader and Japanese Anime enthusiast. I translated that love into my own style of storytelling. At age 16, I conceived the idea for this novel, only to write the screenplay 15 years later, then the subsequent novel series three years after. I am now trying to build my brand under a new company I created, Divisible Domain, LLC.

  • Work
    • Divisible Domain, LLC
  • Education
    • Art Institute of Pittsburgh,
    • ITT Technical Institute