Anthony Bacala III

Since graduating from Louisiana State University, I have taken my art career and sales experience to new heights: learning web design, launching a jewelry business with my fiancee specializing in "wine & design" home parties as well as custom jewelry, opening a t-shirt company, and getting our work in various stores within the Baton Rouge area. Also, I am presently contracted penning the novel of a blockbuster film that will begin production later this year. The film will be a trilogy, and the producers have asked me to help gain an audience in the literary market by producing a series of novels that will be released prior to, and subsequently with the motion picture releases.

Currently, I am employed at Prairieville Primary School in Ascension Parish. Working as a paraprofessional, I assist with the special education and ELL students, seven in all. I teach in an inclusion class, where these students are integrated with regular education students, and I work in a class of twenty-four children. This job has really opened me up, and taught me quite a bit about myself. I have grown tremendously over the last few months. I have enjoyed pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to really learn the job to a level of being able to convey information in a manner that the children really grasped.

Assisting in lesson plans and also teaching lessons, I have had to prepare ahead of time and shape the material in a way that the children would respond well to. As a result, my class' grades have increased tremendously, with the help of a wonderful staff. I was the first male teacher ever hired in this school's history, and the impact it has had on the school has been phenomenal. Within the first three months, I was nominated as support person of the year. This was primarily due to my special education and ELL students' grades steadily increasing after previous methods of teaching/learning were not working as hoped for. I have had to work hard to try new techniques, but my level of commitment to these students was felt by the entire group, helping them develop a sense of pride in their education.

Over the course of the year, I have learned the benefits of pre-planning and presenting a system of delivery that ensures optimal results. I have also used these newly acquired skills to improve my sales in artwork, business designs, and other ventures.

  • Work
    • Special Education, Prairieville Primary School
  • Education
    • Bachelor's Degree from Louisiana State University