Anthony Bianchi

Brooklyn, New York.

Young Scholar

Portfolio: Film

French New Wave: In this video we illed it with a cell phone and took many different videos with a lot of different cuts and edits. This is suppose to be a silent film with music to go wit the video. All French New Wave videos are taken in black and white. In this video its about one student doing an essay and another student trying to steal it from him and when he does, he gets into trouble with his teacher.

Stop Cyber Bullying: In this video I used the school computers to make it. I used the app called "IMovie" to make it and copy and pasted pictures and also added some music to this film. I made cuts in the pictures so they would form and look like a movie and I made the music go with the picture and also my topic. This video is to tell people the serioisness in cyber bullying. Many kids today are cyber bullied and I made this video to try and put a stop to it. I hope it will work out.

Six Word Story: For this short film I used my cell phone. I filmed it in and out of school and took video of the scences i needed. After getting everything I needed I edited it and added some sound effects. This six word story is about a boy who is playing basketball and who has limited time to make the last shot and win the game. A six word story is exactly what it sounds like: and story consisting of a beginning, middle, and end, with only using six words.

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    • L&B Spumoni Gardens
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    • Xaverian High School