Anthony Boldin

Writer and Small Business Owner in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Entrepreneur and business owner Anthony Boldin currently serves as president of Read the Label, Inc., an educational nonprofit he founded in Brookfield, Wisconsin in 2013. As president, he prepared the company for official non-profit status while developing the company’s overall strategy. He hopes to have the company ready to offer services to the public in the near future.. Previously, Anthony Boldin served as owner of Orlando Technical Services, an IT and internet marketing consultancy firm that worked with small businesses. He also founded and served as chief executive officer of Voting Technologies International in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Anthony Boldin’s other executive experience includes founding and managing a software company, which he led for nearly a decade. In addition to his work with Read the Label, he currently serves as president of the Boldin Family Foundation, a nonprofit that offers grants to organizations involved in the arts, health, and education.

Mr. Boldin earned a bachelor of science in engineering from Marquette University before going on to study business administration at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.