Anthony Caparoso

As Vice Principal for the Franklin Township Board of Education, Anthony Caparoso relies on his 16 years of experience within the education profession. His current responsibilities include the daily supervision of sixth grade teachers and students. This role also requires Anthony Caparoso to monitor the various logistical elements within the school system, such as transportation, security, and technology. During the progression of his career, he developed a comprehensive understanding of educational administration. Prior to his addition to the Franklin Township Board of Education, Anthony Caparoso was Principal at Woodfern Elementary School in Hillsborough, New Jersey. As the top administrator at the school, Mr. Caparoso was responsible for 52 staff members and 400 students. He created numerous programs to assist teachers, students, and parents in the educational process. One such example is the work he did with teachers and support staff regarding the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge, Developmental Reading Assessment, and Everyday Math Profiles of Progress. Anthony Caparoso led the analysis of statistical data from these programs to institute improved methods of instruction.

Anthony Caparoso possessed prior experience as a school administrator before he was hired by Woodfern Elementary. In 2003, he became Vice Principal of Franklin Park Elementary School. In this position, he was responsible for the supervision of 50 staff members and 660 students. He committed his energy to the creation of a school environment free of physical and mental abuse. Mr. Caparoso implemented a “Bully Free” program that encompassed the entire school. The aim of the program was to identify and neutralize negative behavior that could be labeled as bullying. Anthony Caparoso also spent time in the classroom as a teacher. For eight years, he taught the third and fifth grades within New Jersey’s Clark Township public school system. Through his work as an educator, Anthony Caparoso learned about the intricacies of academic instruction as well as the importance of the overall school environment for student achievement. He began to develop the approach he now uses as an administrator from those earlier classroom experiences.