Anthony Carter

Atlanta, GA

Anthony Carter is a result driven leader who has a passion for people, innovation, and driving business performance upward. His trademark is a successful change leader who can make tough, smart, and insightful business decision that lead organizations to increase profitability. His approach to problem solving is to thoroughly understand the primary factors that are barriers to business performance and then systematically address each opportunity through fast and comprehensive strategic actions that yield the greatest results. These business improvements are implemented while fully understanding and leveraging the organizations cultural context. He has over 15 years of executive leadership experience in developing cross-functional teams, marketing organizations, product management, information technology, and quality organizations that achieve significant quantifiable business results. His passion is delivering innovative solutions to customers while developing the most valuable assets of the company – its employees.

He has held leadership positions in technology driven organizations such as Covidien, Motorola and AT&T Bell Laboratories and he is the SVP of Strategy and Marketing at Meditropolis, Inc. In his current leadership role he has transformed Meditropolis from a startup to a national healthcare analytics and services company that is generating an excess of 11 Million in revenue. In this role Anthony was able to introduce new business initiatives that have increased revenue streams, added 303 operational staff, and a partnership strategy that optimizes cash flow. Anthony has also managed a P&L Business Unit within Covidien, a $10 Billion public corporation, where he was responsible for the creation of a new carbon nanotube based technology that effectively predicted the occurrence of asthmatic exacerbations. In this role of SVP for the Asthma Technology and Services Organization, Anthony hired VP's for marketing and sales, setup new channels in Europe and the Americas, managed dotted line engineering and regulatory organizations, interfaced with external suppliers, and delivered a service and product solution that could ramp up to $1 Billion in revenue within five years.

  • Work
    • Meditropolis, Inc.
  • Education
    • University of Chicago
    • Georgia Institute of Technology
    • Michigan State University
    • Albright College