Anthony Cockings

Teacher, Small Business Owner, and Designer in Murcia, Spain

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Anthony Cockings wears many different hats he’s an English teacher, business owner, author of Space Kids English, web and graphic designer, ultra marathon runner, boyfriend, cat owner, climber, mountain adventurer and much more.

He grew up in a small village in the picturesque Devonshire countryside in England where he set up his first business Antastic a design and print company which he merged with OTM services in 2009. His adventurous spirit then told him to travel the world and this is what he did for 3 years. After his travels he returned to the UK but not for long as travelling had changed him forever, he decided to go and visit Murcia (Spain) where his parents and younger brother Adrian live. He fell in love with the city, the mountains and a spanish señorita named Marina and has made it his home since then.

He found work teaching English at hello!! English Ronda Sur and after 5 years there, partnered with the hello!! English group and opened a hello!! English centre with his brother in El Ranero.

In 2016 he published his first English textbook ‘Space Kids’ which teaches children age 5-7 how to speak English in a fun and engaging way using a unique teaching method.