Anthony Coppedge

Content Marketing, Digital Communications, Marketing Communications, and Agile Marketing in the United States

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I bring deep experience with digital channelization, Agile program management, and content marketing automation. As a leader and manager, I am adept at discerning the root causes of systemic failures, implementing processes aligned to business goals, and sustain ongoing and measurable marketing strategies.

As an early adopter of Agile marketing, I improve marketing results through iterative testing, full-stack end-to-end tooling, and cross-team collaboration. I look for ways to help organizations implement marketing strategies and tactics to align business goals with marketing KPIs.

Get to know me and you'll find I'm a crazy-good communicator, have an odd penchant for Oxford commas, and think Chips Deluxe cookies taste so good the tiny Keebler Elves should be taken seriously.

  • Work
    • Available for hire
  • Education
    • University of Texas at San Antonio