Anthony Coppedge

Content Marketing, Digital Communications, Marketing Communications, and Agile Marketing in North Richland Hills, Texas

Today's businesses need more than vanity metrics for email campaigns, social strategy, and website conversion rates. Marketing exists to enable the organization to meet business objectives. Period. That's my role as a digital marketing strategist: to discern the root causes of systemic failures, implement processes aligned to business goals, and sustain ongoing marketing strategies.

I have a success record of joining firms and solving the digital marketing and communication performance problems. With the top 5 strengths of Strategic, Ideation, Activator, Relator, and Command, and the personality of an ENTJ, I enable needed change with strategic plans that organize the work into repeatable systems and processes. My mix of marketing acumen and empathetic management brings trusted leadership to younger Millennial marketing specialists in need of developing the full marketing stack.

The secret sauce is in the way I get things done:
* Building results-oriented marketing with highly focused metrics
* Training and equipping marketing specialists for end-to-end marketing
* Demonstrating consistency in communication with co-located and virtual teams
* Building scalable, repeatable systems & processes for cross-team collaboration
* Identifying strategies and spotting trends for positive R.O.I.
* Focusing efforts that stay true to the DNA of an organization

Get to know me and you'll find I'm a crazy-good communicator, have an odd penchant for Oxford commas, and think Chips Deluxe cookies taste so good the tiny Keebler Elves should be taken seriously.

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