Anthony Coppedge

Content Marketing, Digital Communications, Marketing Communications, and Agile Marketing in North Richland Hills, Texas

Anthony values data-driven marketing, has an odd penchant for Oxford commas, and thinks Chips Deluxe cookies taste so good the tiny Keebler Elves should be taken seriously. In 2016, he led his Agile Marketing team to win a spot on the Top 50 B2B Marketers. Anthony sees the future of Agile Marketing as the key for increasing the quality of content and unifying teams.

More than a marketer, Anthony's 22 years of team leadership have taught him the importance of clear communication, relational equity, and a healthy culture.

With the top 5 strengths of Strategic, Ideation, Activator, Relator, and Command from the Gallup organization and the personality of a Meyers-Briggs ENTJ, he's a relational leader who can't help but build organizational structure and scalable process to establish a healthy team environment. Anthony oozes vision and inspires people to work together for better results.

  • Work
    • Available for hire
  • Education
    • University of Texas at San Antonio