Anthony Collins

Anthony D. Collins is the definition of positivity and the embodiment of kinetic energy. That is, his thoughts set in motion truly have the power to bring forth change within. His defining moment came in 2009 at the age of 34, when he realized he was unhappy and sought out to gain his happiness. His testimony touches others and is proof of how someone who once led a dark life can light a spark in others that illuminates lives. His happiness is proof of what a life with energy, selflessness and a spiritual journey can do. Anthony helps people understand life isn’t about rushing to the finish line, but transitioning from one moment to the next with success. “The number one goal in our lives should be obtaining happiness within first. We are no good to anyone or anything if we are not happy,” Anthony says. “Once we are happy there is nothing that we cannot achieve for ourselves or our loved ones.”
Anthony is a loving single father who grew up in a great household with both parents and wanted for nothing. Most things in his life were given to him rather than earned. His story isn’t one of a rough childhood, but overcoming the demands of adulthood after the false sense of security of his childhood. “I had to retrain myself with the understanding that I had to work for what I wanted and have faith that God and our wonderful universe will provide what I need,” Anthony says. A prime example of how you can lose a sense of self without embracing challenges in your life. There’s a certain level of vulnerability Anthony shows in order to motivate others. He admits to mistakes in his younger years such as selling drugs, among other illegal things to make a quick buck, and unfaithfulness. He learned to hold himself accountable by understanding that life as a human being comes full circle when you are willing to live through it all.
After his awakening, seeing and defining his purpose to positively impact others, Anthony decided to take a broader approach to his inspiration. He took to the airwaves co-hosting the Blog Talk Radio show “Laugh & Tears” which he was nominated for Best Male Host in 2011 and also nominated for Best Show of the Year in 2011. Anthony currently hosts “The Anthony & B.Fly Radio Show” on Blog Talk Radio which provides informative and thought provoking topics that motivate their listeners to make a positive change in their lives. Anthony has also participated in relationship panels. As a man he is open freely to sharing h