Anthony Duva

Over the course of his three decade career, Anthony Duva has built and refined his expertise in law, business development, advertising, financial management, and executive leadership. Anthony Duva currently serves as an Associate Vice President of Georgia Health Sciences University, formerly known as the Medical College of Georgia. He also continues to provide legal counsel from his consulting firm, Duva Limited.

Anthony Duva began his college education in 1966, when he enrolled at the University of Florida. In 1971, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Journalism. Moving forward into the university’s Levin College of Law, Anthony Duva completed his legal degree while studying in 1973.Mr. Duva also earned a Master’s of Public Administration from the University of Central Florida in 1997.

Anthony Duva began providing legal counsel to clients in 1974. Focusing on some of the primary concentrations of his career, Anthony Duva practiced primarily in health and regulatory law, as well as legal writing and strategy. He supported clients as they addressed business dealings and trial proceedings. In 1991, Mr. Duva opened his consulting firm and began offering guidance in matters of management logistics, business operations, and strategic planning. In addition, Mr. Duva became a dispute resolution mediator and a guardian ad litem appointee.

Additionally, Anthony Duva began his executive career in 1994, when he accepted a position as COO and Chief Development Officer of the Florida Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Immediately proving his capabilities, Anthony Duva obtained nearly $2 million per year in funding for the Council. These funds came from initiatives involving private donors and public sources.

When not working, Anthony Duva enjoys giving back to his community through volunteer opportunities. He is also an avid reader and writer and likes to keep himself healthy by maintaining a regular workout schedule.