Anthony Engels

Student in Columbus, Ohio

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Hello! I am Anthony Engels. I am a Pre-Exercise Science major from Draper, Utah currently studying at The Ohio State University.

My top 5 StrengthsQuest strengths were Restorative, Futuristic, Individualization, Harmony, and Positivity. My personal favorite of these strengths was Futuristic. I tend to be someone who chooses to focus on the strengths in the future rather than to dwell on what is happening in the now. This has come as a result of personal experiences I have had, and serve as the basis of my personality. By choosing to focus on the future, you can find the good in moments and see the impact they have as time goes on. This has been my way of thinking as long as I can remember, so I was not surprised when this appeared as one of the traits I was highest in. It has impacted how I approach every situation, which has in turn impacted my academics through focusing on classes that will serve me best in future endeavors, social; by choosing to associate myself with others who share a similar positive outlook on what is approaching, and personal; by choosing to dedicate time to tasks in order to make myself better overall.

My Ohio State Tradition is to get food from Sloopy's after every football game. After every Saturday football game, the guys on my floor would get a meal at Sloopy's. This served as a great way for all of us to bond. Even after football season has ended, we have continued this Saturday night tradition, one that I hope will continue for at least the rest of the school year. I learned that people can have many different traditions and they won't be just limited to a very limited range.

My Lessons for a First-Year Buckeye warned future Buckeyes that unless they had no other choice, to not take 8 AM classes, to spread classes over several days rather than just cramming them into one or two, to limit breaks between classes, to socialize whenever possible, and to keep your door open. I learned these through personal experience, and I feel they are of utmost importance. Hopefully these ideas would be taken into account, as if they could greatly improve the first year experience. I learned from and witnessed the effects that these lessons have. These lessons will help my future by showing ideal schedules that reflect these ideals as well as help me through socialization when I move into a new dorm next fall.

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