Anthony Esposito

Name is Anthony Esposito, i'm married to a beautiful woman by the name of Rachel Kay Esposito :). We've been together for so long i cant imagine life without her. She is 8 months pregnant with our beautiful daughter Morgan Fay Esposito, who is due in March 2012. We live in beautiful Anacortes, Washington, on Fidalgo Island. Moved up to Washington in July 2010 from Southern California, where i was a IT Consultant and Network Engineer working at numerous different businesses and specifically education. Me and my wife felt we needed a change of pace and scenery, we wanted to lay down our own path in life. I'm currently a Technical Analyst at a IT consulting company in Bellingham, Washington. I'm a tech geek, i was captivated by technology and computers at a young age (7 years old), there was no turning back for me after i got my first computer.