Anthony Fond

Tampa, Florida, United States

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My career demonstrates the successes that can be achieved through business acumen, an entrepreneurial spirit, and exceptional executive leadership abilities. Throughout my career, I have achieved a strong record of directing all stages of real estate acquisition, development, and management for a large investment portfolio and multiple construction projects. I raised millions of dollars from US and foreign investors and managed the acquisition, lease, disposition, and management of a large portfolio of real estate assets.
I have managed complex, large-scale real estate projects from conception through design, construction, and lease up. This involved cost-effective construction management of multimillion-dollar commercial, residential, and mixed-use projects from inception to closeout. I increased profits through the optimization of people, materials, money, and resources.
With each endeavor, I improved revenues, investments, and profits through business development, process improvements, cost reductions, savvy contract negotiations, budget and quality control, and on-time project delivery. Investment decision-making involved expert determination of retail, commercial, and residential real estate valuation, redevelopment potential, leasing prospects, market trends, and competitive landscape.
My strong communication and relationship-building skills facilitated partnerships with international investors, investment groups, hedge funds, and bankers in exceeding the allocation, development, and leasing of multimillion-dollar profitable turnkey projects. I also established and sustained trusting relationships with tenants, owners, contractors, suppliers, maintenance staffs, and service people.
Financial successes included:
* Attained multimillion-dollar revenues with up to 31% profit margins.
* Grew revenues 180% in first three years by acquiring investors and cost-effectively selling, renovating, leasing, and/or managing properties.
* Raised up to $80M in venture capital funds from nine US and overseas groups of venture capitalists.
* Landed a contract for two 10-story hotel/condominium buildings in Orlando, FL, with a private investor from Peru. Reduced costs on land purchase and saved investor $1.6M on $100M project.

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