Anthony Hanna

Public Speaker in Queensland, Australia

Hi, I’m Anthony. I’m a public speaker living in Queensland, Australia. I am a former national counterterrorism police negotiator from Victoria. As a part of the Critical Incident Response Team and as a tactical operative, I negotiated in countless suicide interventions, hostage incidents and sieges with some of the most wanted criminals.

Years after gaining the highest negotiation qualification, I decided to spread my wings. In 2013, I changed careers and gained entry into one of the most exclusive government positions, a firefighter. The fire service employees less than 0.4% of applicants during recruitment.

Once I was a fully trained firefighter, I applied for the worlds largest selling Calendar "Australian Firefighters Calendar" that has raised over 1.2 million dollars over the last two years for charitable organisations. I've now been in three consecutive calendars and have taken on a spokesperson ambassador role.

Throughout my time as a police negotiator I trained, studied and tested negotiation techniques, social psychology, human behaviour and all mediums of communication. I developed a unique set of skills that enabled me to positively influence outcomes.

During my presentation I explain how I was able to obtain compliance from the most stubborn characters, be selected from over 5,200 firefighter applications and influence CEO's to let me front their company on international television.

Through past personal events I'll demonstrate the skills I use to gain an advantage. These include the psychology behind building trust, understanding human behaviour, prejudice and cognitive decision making towards others. In addition to this, I give on advice to participants on how to build better relationships with staff and strengthen bounds between existing customers to improve productivity. The program also includes my 5 top Tips for cultivating persuasion.

The program is designed to add value to your personal and professional life. So let's get you inspired to connect in a more meaningful way!