Anthony Harding

Anthony Harding is a modern day Renaissance man. Born, raised and educated in the state of AZ, he has a passion for people, business, arts and experience. After finishing college at Northern Arizona University, he left the state to quench his thirst for adventure and career growth. His professional career has been focused in the realm of Sales/Marketing Management and Operations, which has led him from consulting positions in San Diego and marketing with Dreamworks Records in LA all the way to real estate investment in the Caribbean. Each new destination and position has contributed to his vast knowledge and understanding of the business and social world. Anthony is an avid Internet user, never allowing himself to get too far away from the keys of a laptop or the buttons on a Blackberry. He is part of a generation that understands the way the business and social world are evolving. By embracing the tools at his fingertips, he strives to be as efficient as possible reaching that goal of true success for himself and his clients.