Anthony Kent

Consultant, Builder, and IT Professional in Dallas, Texas

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Anthony is an Infinite Being enjoying a physical experience... Developing and enriching my conscious and sub conscious mind.

I like to think I'm a life hacker, entrepreneur, tech evangelist, and a pretty good husband/father.

Everyday I'm alive is a blessing and LOVE hanging-out with family and friends laughing and sharing wisdom.

My door is always open... If you like, why not call and get to know me even better. I'm all about REAL friends and building with REAL people,

It's very hard for neo-types like us... to be pent down. We don't necesarily 'fit-in' anywhere, but also get to fit-in everywhere. Friends who know me, say they "know" the REAL me, (and what I'm about), and they want that in their lives.

A very loving person by nature. I'm quiet but have been told I have 'Depth' to me, and great to be around. So what are you waiting for? Come play with me...

I have light brown eyes that have a tendency to peep into the souls of man and I live outside of time... A place where all things are possible. Love, manifest; I am drawn to powerful brothers & sisters, to build Heaven on (Mother) Earth, daily.


If you're seeing this, get in-touch, it's not difficult. There's a reason you were bought here. I jest not. $PEACE!:

  • Work
    • Independent IT Professional
  • Education
    • Madison Ridgeland High School
    • Jackson State University