Anthony Kirincic

Since 1984, Anthony Kirincic has offered a variety of companies his expertise in business and financial matters, as well as investing in ventures of his own. After earning both a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, Anthony Kirincic first put his education to use as a Senior Examiner and Options Analyst for the National Association of Securities Dealer (NASD), a regulator of the NASDAQ stock market. NASD has since merged with the New York Stock Exchange regulation committee in formation of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). During his tenure with NASD, Anthony Kirincic conducted firm audits to outline capital requirements, position limits, and capital exposure for hedge funds and proprietary hedge funds. He also created a private investment fund specializing on option trading and arbitrage through his start-up Strategic Certificateless Investments Inc. In May 1997, Anthony Kirincic began serving Greenleaf Capital Partners as Co-Manager of the firm’s $8-million-dollar investment funds. He discovered and evaluated potential companies and ultimately chose in which companies to invest. Anthony Kirincic later accepted a position with Greenleaf Management Corp, operating as President and Director and managing private investment fund engagements. Simultaneously, Anthony Kirincic maintained involvement with two of his start-ups: and Dalto Corp. With Dalto Corp., then known as Kirlin Securities, he oversaw a full-service brokerage firm that handled over $2 billion in client assets. Under Anthony Kirincic’s direction, the firm grew from a two-man operation to a firm with 8 branches and over 300 employees throughout the country. Currently, Anthony Kirincic serves Logical Energy Partners LLC as Managing Member, responsible for developing plans designed to save large commercial buildings and factory electrical distributions systems money while requiring little capital outlay. Anthony Kirincic contributes to Catholic Charities USA and enjoys spending time with his family.