Anthony Langner

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

I am a creative individual with the west coast mentality; strap yourself into the environment, prepare yourself for whats ahead and 'shred the competition' with your powder trail!

I have a burning passion to ignite the best in people only to translate it into something amazing. The only way to do this; open yourself to new experiences, people and environments.

Through my work experience, I have learnt to deal with many challenges; inventory, people, co-workers and many interviews. SInce graduating from BCIT, I looked for the most practical experiences by completing two interships. Market at the Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver is a 5-star restaurant where I helped indicate areas of opportunity by completing a competitive analysis and dynamic marketing initiatives to help increase our main target market. Thinkbox National Marketing is where I learned many of online media skills as well as hired my own team for numerous experiental marketing campaigns.

Thriving through those experiences, I look to attain a position which involves constant challenges, a refreshing atmosphere and overall, the mentality to power towards our goals knowing that it satisfies all of our endeavours. All the while, learning about ourselves and our personalities.

  • Work
    • Milestones Bartender
  • Education
    • Marketing Management Diploma - Tourism