Anthony Lowen


Hey what's up?

I'm anthony, i currently live in Colombia, but i'll be moving to USA really soon, i'll be moving to Arizona, but anyways, I like Chocolate and milk, and i love all kinds of foods (except thos ones that look disgusting) I used to skate but i don't do it anymore.

I've got a twitter account since January, and thanks to twitter i dicovered the amazing world of photography, and then i met a sir called tumblr, but that's a different story. If you are wondering why i don't have my instagram liked here is because i don't have one, i used to have one but i deleted it, and i broke my phone, if you wanna know what's my instagram going to be keep checking my twitter, i'll update you guys when i get my new phone. I'll be updating this page as the time passes! See ya!

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