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Anthony Michael Sesma

Anthony Michael Sesma

Chef Anthony Michael has 20 years experience of Hospitality Food Service, last 15 as a Culinary Chef. He went to California State University Long Beach majoring in Biology Science but switched to Fine Arts-Painfing & Dfawing -out of a growing desire to be creative. Life after college found him using his creative talents at the upscale, full service waterfront restaurant rows in Long Beach. Anthony Michael trained in the culinary arts trade working 2 jobs at times as a seasoned line cook at each of the 4 Long Beach premier waterfront rows.

Anthony Michael's apprenticeship rewarded him with professional cooking skills and experience in a variety of menu themes, venues and services. It led to the Lead Cook positipn at CSULB and then to a culinary internship with Ramada Hotel where he trained under the Exec Chef, F& B Dir and Corp. Chef. He later became the Exec Chef of the same hotel when the Exec Chef transfered to Beverly Hills. Since then he worked as an Exec Chef-Sous Chef-Kitchen Mgr and Chef/ Mgr for national brand, upscale chain restaurants. Other experiences ncluded Catering. Banquets & Special Events, FOH Mgr and College/Corporate.Dining.

A lot has changed in hospitality food service over the years; creative venture themes popping up everywhere, gourmet foods off lunch trucks. sustainable practices, green eco friendly processes, food safety best practices, and so on. The bar on standards of food service excellence is continually being raised higher. Some things haven"t changed like Teamwork, working smart & seeking self improvement, staying updated & continually learning. and never forget the customer is #1. Most importantantly: Never lose the love & passion of the culinary arts, keep the eye of the tiger and stay hungry.

Its not all Culinary Arts and work, Chef Anthony Michael balances it out with family home life, patio gardening, pet life and outdoor leisure activities. He follows gourmet foods, arts & fashion and health conditional. He likes holistic lifestyles, positive thinking and sharing something with anyone.

Favorite Quote..."Our Best Days are Ahead" -Ronald Reagan. Favs are Julia Child's, Paul Prudhomme, James Beard and Wolfgang Puck. Books are The Professional Chef/CIA, Gastromique/LaRousse, Escoffiet and of course thrJoy of Cooking.

His most awesome experience is meeting new faces in the trade, experiencing new trends and that 'Wow' moment when it all comes together.