Anthony Morose

Anthony Morose is executive vice president of finance and administration for Golub Capital in New York City. With more than 28 years of financial experience, he helps manage the firm. Golub Capital specializes in opportunistic credit, broadly syndicated loans, and middle-market lending. Prior to his work with Golub, Anthony Morose spent over 10 years in various senior leadership positions at JPMorgan.

During his time there Anthony Morose served as managing director of European operations for JPMorgan Asset Management, and as chief executive officer of BrownCo and JPMorgan INVEST. In his last position with JPMorgan, he was managing director of the American asset managers market inside the firm’s Worldwide Securities Services unit.

Prior to launching his career in finance, Mr. Morose earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Boston College. Upon graduation, he became an auditor with Arthur Andersen & Co.

In his free time, Mr. Morose enjoys listening to music, traveling, spending time with family, and staying fit.