Anthony Nguyen

Student in Athens, Georgia

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I’m Anthony Nguyen, and one thing that has stuck with me for a long as I could remember was my love of Spider-Man. For those that are unaware, Spider-Man is a superhero with superhuman strength, can climb walls, detect danger, and shoot web from his wrists. These are all great abilities for a superhero to have, but there are several superheroes out there with even better powers. Why did Spider-Man become my favorite? It wasn’t necessarily Spider-Man himself, but the man behind the mask that really made me adore him. Behind that mask is a young boy named Peter Parker. In my youth I felt like I could relate so much to him. His awkwardness around people, his desire to learn, as well as his desire to help others. He was such a normal teenager that loved the family that he had. Eventually he obtained his superpowers, but also lost his dear uncle. By facing such a great loss, it led to him using his powers to help as many people as he could. In my case, facing loss made me realize how real the world is. People will come and go and it could change my life. It causes me to realize that I won’t always be able to live a life full of happiness. There will be those moments where I feel lost, but in those times I have to push forward and persevere, like Peter Parker did. His strength is something I strive for, the strength to move forward. I hope to live life by savoring the good times, and getting through the bad times.