Anthony Nguyen

Consultant, Software Engineer, and Web Developer in Austin, Texas

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Loving life, I have lived in New York, Michigan and now Texas. Went to GMI, now known as Kettering University and working at Apriso Corporation, recently acquired by Dassault Systemes . I have travelled all over the world with extended stays in Ireland, Mexico, Malaysia, Brazil and Poland. I love to trade the markets, golf, play poker, vacation at a beach. I also enjoy Las Vegas and Hawaii as my favorite places to travel. I love dining out, politics, business, travelling, investing, entrepreneurship and all things tech.

I consider myself a technologist. I study, learn and practice technology. At age 19, I said I could do anything with a computer and that got my first job at a Tool and Die shop. It was a bit arrogant to think I could really do anything with computers, but what I didn't know, I learned and found I had a real knack for figuring things out on a computer.

I'm a self-trained economist. I study and learn how markets and business really works. I bought my first stock during my Junior year in college. I shorted my first stock my first year out of college. I purchased options during the tech bubble and started shorting options soon after that. I got out of the market when the tech bubble busted and got back into the market during the financial crisis of 2008. The most important lesson that I learned about the stock market is all stocks eventually go to zero. You never want to marry a stock, just date it and remember bulls make money, bears make money and pigs get slaughtered. I don't buy stocks anymore, I just insure them. I like to say "I sell hope to the hopeful and hopeless..."

I'm a Sociologist and Philosopher. I love learning and studying politics and how people and societies change with time. I believe it's best to "teach a man to fish, then to just give a man a fish...." I believe communism and capitalism can work, in theory. The odds that communism will work is low, since you have all your eggs in one basket, so it's doom for corruption and catastrophic failure. Capitalism spreads the risk, so it has a better chance to succeed in the long run. Eventually every political system fails, the best we can hope for is stability and balance in our lifetimes. Remember that the people should not be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of its people!

  • Work
    • Apriso Corporation
  • Education
    • Kettering University