Tony Nguyen

Chief Investigation Officer, Chief Law Officer, and Patent Legal Scholar in United States

It is my honor when I can serve our country as a HARVARD Scientist ,Legal Scholar, Architect ,Educator and an experienced INVESTIGATOR and Commercial Mediator from US Military . My name is Tony Nguyen is a HARVARD Legal scholar, International architect, Certified Energy Plan Examiner and a member of the architecture and legal profession, city and regional planner, educator, member of American Institute of Architects, American Association for Justice, National District Attorneys Association and US Air Force Association. I am also an honor US Air Force Veteran, a President of the Vietnamese American Justice Foundation and President of AIR FORCE LEGAL ASSISTANCE CENTER, a Legal ,Education and Professional Military Law Group was formed by US Military Lawyers and Harvard Legal Scholars and Founder of many Consultancy Groups in California.As a new generation of Vietnamese American immigrants from South Vietnam since 1975, My educational achievements include eight programs scholarships from Bachelors to Doctorate excluded Fellow Programs in Architecture, Computer Science, Business Administration, and Engineering Management as well as Jurist Doctorate.Further,I was honored in HARVARD Magazine and Voice of America from my Strong Academic background and Community Services as an Honor US Air Force Veteran and Arbitrator Officer of State Bar of California (California Supreme Court). As fact,I was educated at many famous Universities in California and HARVARD University.

Our Services :

A.INVESTIGATIONS:Crime,Torts Claims and Counter-Intelligence for US MILITARY And GOVERNMENTS.

B.Commercial Mediation and Defense Consulting in:

1.Estate Planning Consulting.

2.Personal Injuries : Car accidents, Slip and Fall in Commercial Place and Offices.

3.Professionals Malpractice.

4.Intellectual Property.

5.All kind of Insurances Claim.

6.Business Transferring.

7.Construction Defects.

8. Aerospace and Cyber Law Research for Defense Industries.

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