Anthony Nobles

Sunset Beach, CA

Anthony Nobles is a medical professional, engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, professor and philanthropist. Over the past 28 years, he has developed and patented more than 150 products and medical devices. He specializes in vascular and cardiovascular devices, and his inventions have assisted surgeons around the world in successfully performing complex suturing and cardiac surgeries.

Nobles has founded several medical technology companies and currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of HeartStitch Medical, Inc. and Nobles Medical Technologies II, Inc. One of his earlier business ventures, Nobles Medical Technologies I, was sold to Medtronic in 2010. He also founded Sutura, which he took public in 2005.

Professor Nobles currently holds over 40 patents and has been a contributing author for various medical publications on a variety of surgical topics. He travels all over the world training surgeons and physicians in the procedures he has personally developed. With over 28 years of clinical and operating room experience, he is recognized worldwide as an expert in his field.

His career successes have afforded him the ability to make considerable contributions to charities and local community initiatives. The Nobles Family helped to fund the Sunset Beach Community Center, which was renamed the Nobles Family Community Building in appreciation for their efforts. Professor Nobles also delights local residents by organizing and personally funding an elaborate Halloween extravaganza that has attracted 30,000 in the past.

Outside of his professional and philanthropic efforts, Professor Nobles is an avid car enthusiast and Formula 1 race car driver.

  • Work
    • Chairman and CEO of Nobles Medical Technologies II