Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith

Proud father|Entrepreneur|Social Media Consultant dedicated to #empowering others to be successful. Facing life's challenges with the grace of God!

Inspiration - I am a strong believer of and practice the Law of Attraction and strive to share my positive vibes with everyone. I am a realist and sometimes things that I say are a little too real for some but if I can't be real, then what can I be? I enjoy inspiring people to be the absolute be that they can be and always strive for greatness.

Empowerment - Helping people is my passion! I enjoy empowering people with the knowledge and tools neccessary for success.

Social Media - I am addicted to Social Media and enjoy helping people to claim their peice of Social Media real estate. Social Media Consulting and Management is shear enjoyment.

Music - I love all types of music. From Manson to Mozart and everything in between. Musci makes the world go around!

Culture - Everyone needs to know where they come from. I enjoy learning about different cultures and customs. Don't believe what mainstream media tells you about other cultures. You must research and learn for yourself.