Anthony Paige

VP, Writer, and Producer in Brooklyn, New York

Anthony Paige

VP, Writer, and Producer in Brooklyn, New York

VP Production: (The Parenthetical Group). Director: The Clover Mission (NFP). Co-Founder; Jolly Science | ModCommission | Roma Nova Media. Author; ‘The Rockstar Project Manager’ (2011) & 'Make Your Startup Soar' (2014)

Hi, I’m Anthony.

For over 10 years, I’ve strategized and shipped hundreds of media and technology projects for organizations across a diverse swath of vertical industries.

From Fortune 500’s, to smaller boutique firms, to localized community businesses, one thing that my clients have in common is a shared love for **new and inspired work.**

I’m a full-stack manager who believes in empowering teams to do what they do best by eliminating inefficiency, building cultures of innovation and clear communication, and increasing happiness and health for the organization as a whole - by bettering the quality of life, process, and work for the valuable people your company is made of.

Happy people do better work.

Context is key. In order to daily approach complex problems with fresh eyes and viewpoints, one must be able to rapidly change the context of perspective. I'm an anti-boxthinker, prefer to juxtapose rather than contradict, and like making lemonade out of spilt milk. I’m also an oil painter, 13th-generation farmer, and composer - the creation process is in my DNA.

I'd like to help you get some things done.

I'm currently available by contract for project management, process consulting, and copy direction.

  • Education
    • Southeastern University Florida
    • Alphacrucis NSW, AU