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Anthony Pappas

Educator Anthony Pappas serves as a role model for his students in Melbourne, Australia. As a community and nonprofit supporter, an avid reader, and a lifelong learner, he stays active and continues to grow personally and professionally. A Secondary Teacher for the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Anthony Pappas facilitates learning by carefully planning his curriculum and creating a safe environment for his students. He teaches, assesses his students’ achievements, reports on their progress, and attends staff meetings. Recognized by faculty coordinators for his work ethic, Anthony Pappas also engages in professional development seminars and attends extracurricular activities. A graduate of La Trobe University in Melbourne, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Ecological Genetics, Anthony Pappas received an invitation to continue his studies in Honours in Genetics and postgraduate Diploma in Microbiology programs. At the University of Melbourne, he studied biology and science, completing a Diploma in Education (Secondary). Anthony Pappas enhances his scientific background by continuing to read related texts, such as Nature of Biology Book 1, The Handbook of Essential Mathematics, The Science Quest: Using Inquiry/Discovery to Enhance Student Learning, and Nelson Biology. In addition to reading science-related works, Anthony Pappas enjoys The New Testament; And Gladly Teach: A Classroom Handbook; Coat of Many Pockets: Managing Classroom Interactions; and a number of biographies, such as those about Nathan Buckley, Andrew Johns, and Anthony Koutoufides. Anthony Pappas also appreciates the works of Fiona Cunningham, Stewart Jackel, Oliver Ho, and Mike Flynn. Anthony Pappas belongs to several professional organizations and supports many charitable causes. He holds memberships in the Teacher Learning Network, the Advance Tutoring School, Resource Ed Personnel, the Victorian Institute of Teaching, the Australian Education Union, and the Victorian Independent Education Union. The charities he assists include Guide Dogs Australia, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund, and the Australian Flood Relief Appeal. In his leisure time, Anthony Pappas enjoys attending football games and drumming events, walking, and listening to music.