Anthony Pearson

Anthony Pearson is a writer from Irvington, NJ. He is the founder of WACS Online, WACS Publishing and author of Written Against Cultural Stagnation Volume 1: The Raised Curtain, the unabridged edition. The Raised Curtain is a compilation of poetic statements focused around life and society. This book was written in order to further the WACS mission of promoting inspiration, awareness, and growth to the general public. With writings on a wide range of societal topics, The Raised Curtain does exactly that; it raises the curtain on many issues that we, as a nation, are facing on a day-to-day basis. It is the intention of this book to inspire the reader to think deeply on the various subjects that are touched upon within this volume. “As a writing community we must all recognize that we are each a part of a great sum“. Some of his influences include the likes of Gil Scott Heron, Booker T Washington, Amiri Baraka, Tupac Shakur, and Paulo Coelho.

Written Against Cultural Stagnation (WACS) is the literary movement established by Anthony Pearson in December of 2008. WACS is a modern-day mission based on a renaissance foundation and the ultimate goal is to re-present the greatness of creativity and expression. WACS Online provides many up and coming poets and writers the opportunity to share their work, talent, and ideas within the literary world. His focus is on promoting inspiration, awareness, and growth whether it be through open mic performances, hosting online radio broadcasts, or supporting and maintaining WACS Online. “The responsibility to control the things we can and make the world around us a better place to exist is ours.”