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Tony Pierro

Portrait and landscape photography have been a passion for me for most of my life. You know you have created a happy place when someone looks at a picture and smiles. Because of that, I decided to purchase a photo booth and create happy places everywhere I take it. I think that's pretty frickin' cool!

Something that's NOT pretty frickin' cool are all the ugly pictures you see on Real Estate sites, I hate them so much I actually made a profession out of making them look better. So much so, that I work for 4 major realty groups, have been published in local media, and even had articles written about my work.

Between all the affore mentioned, I have a blog that I created when I got married to the most beautiful woman in the world. That beautiful woman also gave me the two most beautiful little boys in the world.

I love ice cream, putting potato chips "in" my sandwiches, Macs, history, reading, 80's horror flicks, old sci-fi movies, mushrooms, my mother-in-law's cooking, listening to my son laugh and my wife's hugs.

My wife say's I'm a dork. So, I guess I'm a dork. And knowing that she loves me even though I'm a pretty frickin' cool!