Anthony Possobon

Here’s a fun fact: Traveling artists as parents, catered for some major scenery changes throughout childhood. For Tony P. this meant starting in Oren, Utah (Birth) to Stockton, California then sin city Veges and ending up in the swamp lands of rural Loxahatchee, Florida. Another fun fact: Tony P. is actually Brazilian/Italian, creating an artistic Portuguese speaking home. This allowed him to focus on very important hobbies like drawing, playing the drums and occasionally picking up the ladies with his accent. Sadly, he eventually lost his accent from schooling but on a better note, he did decide to follow in the family business. Well, in his own way. He graduated from Fullsail University with a Bachelors of Science in Digital Arts and Design. To pursue his career, he retraced his steps and moved to California. Now in Santa Monica he enjoys beach volley, bike riding and yes, Starcraft. Ok, last fun fact: Tony P. has the same exact birthday and birth year as Shia Labeouf. Oh and he wanted to be an R&B; singer when he grew up.