Anthony Ram

In the past few months, there have been a series of small but important changes which have taken place within the Financial Services Industry. Lawyer and expert in the field of Investment Banking Anthony Ram believes that a current and complete understanding of developments taking place in the financial sector is of the utmost importance to anyone offering to represent a client or company.

Earlier on in the summer, the international news company Reuters announced the new appointments taking place within the financial services. The first is occurring in Switzerland at the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory FINMA. A long-serving board member at FINMA is somewhat unexpectedly stepping down from his post with effect from the end of August 2014. He is departing FINMA in light of some troubles which have shown themselves over at Banque Privee Espirito Santo SA (BPES) where he has concurrent obligations.

In Germany, 50 year old Luc Frieden has be heralded as the newest member to join the Deutsche Bank AG team as an advisor on management and strategic affairs concerning both international and European affairs. This is a role which law professional Anthony Ram has experience in as a result of his time spent as an attorney advising various companies of commercial litigation requirements both in the UK and worldwide.

Looking a little further afield, there have also been some changes to the face of the Financial Services Industry in the United States also. Philip Bridges, formerly from BlackRockInc, has recently been announced as senior portfolio manager for asset allocation and currency in America. It was announced by the asset management division of UBS that Bridges will be monitoring and managing the Global Investment Solutions of the group’s growth.

Relatively simple changes and alterations such as these new appointments can have an overwhelming effect on a company. For this reason, it is important to analyse the risks at hand. Anthony Ram is an individual who has been advising various financial companies throughout his career in Law. He has a thorough knowledge and inherent understanding of the legal issues which can impact on Investment Banking and spends a lot of his time supporting others in these matters.