Anthony Ricardo Thiotanry

Anthony Ricardo Thiotanry is an Indonesian-born writer. His interest in literature and English (and IT) emerge since he was four, his love to literature had led him to write fan fiction and only these recent years, his very own original stories. Aside his job as a writer and love in reading, Anthony is also a gamer (temporary retirement since June 2015), anime lover (not otaku!!) and IT lover.

Despite the many genres which he had read and write. The author was and still, greatly favors Fantasy genre, Science Fiction genre and Romance genre, especially those with tight relation to dystopian, vampires, shape-shifters and magic. His favorite authors of all time are C.S. Lewis, Danielle Steel, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer and just recently, Suzanne Collins, and Veronica Roth.

Currently, Anthony works as a freelancer in Upwork, providing fiction writing services (mostly ghostwriting) while committing his free time on his WIP novella and novel. GTW (Go Teen Writer) and Anthony (as a member) are interrelated since August 2015.