Anthony Rose

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville SEO has become my passion and obsession at being the best SEO Specialist in North Florida. I find myself working relentlessly long hours everyday and I always wonder where the time went. There are so many different valuable services to master so that I can better represent my client and their business that it never gets boring. Even though I consider myself an SEO expert, I am constantly learning something new everyday through searching, learning and testing and learning and testing. I'm also on the look out for any other SEO specialist that I respect that would like to reveal the results of their own testing. This is an ongoing process that is necessary because Search Engine Optimization changes so rapidly every month.

I started learning how to do affiliate marketing about eight years ago when ranking number1 actually was more simplistic. He with the most links wins was the basic strategy after keyword research.

Today there is a multi-dimensional landscape of ranking factors that must be considered. SEO Specialist today must be more sophisticated with their strategies and also with any use of automation tools. I primarily focus on Local SEO for clients by getting them ranked in Google Local and the organic listings. I also use video marketing as a great source of leads from Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo but most of all one of the most important and seemingly overlooked asset is Google Hangouts. A hangout will rank incredibly fast and with heavy authority. A local business can create a series of these explaining in depth their services, prices and basic information that a searcher may be looking for. Satisfy the searcher's questions and get their business. Jacksonville SEO can be a great way to increase new business and maintain a positive brand online.

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