Anthony S Casey

Investor in Singapore

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Anthony S Casey is a senior level professional in the financial services industry. He has worked for several different financial and banking institutions over the course of his career.

Casey joined the finance industry in 1996 and has since lived in ten countries to date, including most of the world's financial centres. He has successfully utilized global contacts and business network in Asia to managed the assets of some of the world's most prominent families since 2000.

Anthony S Casey is always striving to challenge himself and others. He consistently seeks the best investment opportunities around the world with the potential to disrupt markets and initiate change for the better.

Beyond investing, Anthony is a husband and father currently living with his family in Singapore. He has always had a thirst for travel and which he is now passionate to share with his family. He's interested in sports, particularly football. So much so that he's the investment manager for Football Finance Note.

Anthony S Casey and his family have been fortunate enough to recently visit Spain, Bali and Western Australia.

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