Anthony Schembri

Over the last four decades, Anthony Schembri has proven himself a capable manager and executive in law enforcement, as well as a respected academic in the field. He has been in charge of agencies with billion-dollar budgets and managed as many as 21,000 uniformed and civilian employees. Anthony Schembri has been recognized for his accountability, leadership, organizational skills, and hands-on knowledge, both in the United States and abroad.

Most recently, Anthony Schembri has served as County Administrator for Citrus County, Florida, where he was in charge of 9 county departments and 21 divisions, as well as the county’s Fire and Rescue Department. At that post, his administrative skills earned him the Distinguished Budget Award from the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada. After years in the field of public safety and academia, today the Citrus County, Florida, resident teaches at the University of Florida as the Sir Leon Radzinowicz Professor of Criminology, Law, and Police Science. Among the more remarkable achievements in Anthony Schembri’s academic career is a position as Instructor at the International Law Enforcement Academy in Roswell, New Mexico, where mid- to senior-level law enforcement officials from around the world gain experience with advanced criminal justice management instruction and exposure to American society and institutions.

Drawing on his extensive real-world experience, Anthony Schembri has taught college-level courses in such disciplines as criminal profiling, juvenile justice, medico-legal forensics, eyewitness psychology, network security, and contemporary police problems. His experience in international law enforcement led him to a position as Academy-Advisory Council Member for the Fulbright International Educational Exchange Program, where Anthony Schembri chaired seminars and lectured at Scotland Yard, University of Oxford, and elsewhere on sex crimes, hostage situations, organized crime, government creativity, and homicide investigations.

Anthony Schembri holds a Juris Doctor from Pace University School of Law, as well as a Master of Arts in Public Administration, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, and Associate of Science in Police Science from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.