Karl Anthony Simon (PA-C)

Physician Assistant, Fisherman, and Family Man in Houston, Texas

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Karl Simon as an assistant doctor (pa-c): assessment, formulation, and treatment of new and existing primary care patients

Plans for intramuscular and subcutaneous patients with men's health problems

Injections, phlebotomy, description, and writing of laboratory findings.

Fondren Orthopedic Community – Anthony Simon, PA-C, was responsible for the evaluation, care, and diagnostic imagery of patients new and existing. He provided a variety of treatments including injections, suturing, splinting, and fracture casting.

Ageless Men's Wellness, Karl Anthony Simon as Clinical Officer, played an important role in overseeing both administrative and patient functions. He has consulted with direct patient care, including examinations and procedures, supervising two other workers, and overseeing all facets of new employee recruitment and training.

Lead clinician for pain control and orthopedic specialty clinic, Pasadena General Health Association. Evaluations were made, care plans were created and procedures such as injections, saturation, and splinting were administered. He also had to interpret the findings of his laboratory and diagnostic images.

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From: Houston, Texas
Karl Simon's Biography Website

Anthony Simon is a physician's assistant.

Karl Anthony Simon lives close to Dalhart Texas.

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