Anthony T. Edwards, a former executive trainer and “train-the-trainer” for the Department of Homeland Security, Defense Department and major defense and consulting contractors, has spent more than 18 years teaching men and women to reach their full potential.

He has taught thousands of professionals and students in diverse settings (i.e. DoD military, technical college, federal agencies, and Fortune 500 defense contractors)

He's a qualified trainer and courseware developer of Total Quality Management, problem solving, analysis and process improvement applications and techniques. He has practiced martial arts for 13 years, including Okinawa Kenpo, Shorin Ryu and Monkey Kung Fu, where he has acquired his sense of personal calm.

A poet and spoken-word artist that continues to live within the value that his Mother, who passed away in 2009, used to say in that “My son’s writing is his therapy,” continues to live on today for the future, within his writings, either personal, professional, or through entertainment, and will still find Anthony T. Edwards, who performs under the stage name PoeticSynergy, appearing at various venues in and about the U.S. He currently resides with his wife and best friend, Autumn, in Georgia.

  • Work
    • Engineering Data Management Specialist
  • Education
    • BS Aeronautics