Anthony Tilghman

Great image is all within the composition. Fortunately for Anthony Tilghman, the camera is a mere tool when sculpting concepts that lead to great marketing and publicity masterpieces. Growing up in Washington, DC put Tilghman in front of an arena teeming to the brim with his visions of becoming a successful entrepreneur. After graduating high school, the world of marketing and advertising seemed to be an inevitable place to reside with Tilghman stepping into the arena with Metro Media, a high-end public relations and advertising firm utilized by major television and other established clients. It was there that he positioned himself to be one of the most indispensable entities to the Washington, DC area. Then it clicked. Incorporating photography. With the growing need for image placement and brand identity for rising businesses due to the speed of the expanding social media market, Tilghman took the opportunity to establish Anthony Tighlman Enterprises. Since his inclusion of such a major visual element, the development of partnerships and gained sponsorships have set the young entrepreneur on a path to working with entities such as TV-One and Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce (Maryland) and photographing highly-profiled figures such as Bob Johnson, Michael Jordan and Chaka Khan. His role as a featured photographer for NY Fashion Week, the Congressional Black Caucus, Presidents Dinner, WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network) and the 2009 Inauguration placed Tilghman in the arena, being one of the only requested photographers without being affiliated with a publication. These motions have pushed his business into a realm of precision, displaying techniques of keeping clients satisfied with top-notch and synchronized marketing decor. Currently, Tilghman maintains high standards with clientele, serving as Director of Marketing for Glynn Jackson, founder of the Golden Scissor Awards and Professional Singer/Songwriter Alison Carney; conducting photography for the popular DC attraction, the Cherry Blossom Festival; Lefty’s Bridal Inc and more. With client features in publications such as Essence Magazine, The Washington Post and The Philadelphia Examiner, and television visibility on Fox 5 and TV-One, there is no denying that Anthony Tilghman Enterprises is focused on getting the shot as he is consistently recommended for major corporate functions and events, notably the 2011 83rd Annual Academy Awards ceremony.