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Anthony Zapata

After serving my country in the United States Marine Corps, I returned to my home state of Texas where I started my project management career working in Dallas for Worldcom, formerly MCI Telecommunications. At the age of 23 I steered my career toward marketing by helping facilitate the start up of a local design company that remains in business today, and continues to be a valued partner of mine. After ten years of working with various agencies as well as being part-owner of an agency, I established my own venture with the goal of providing a consulting service that I felt was desperately needed in this industry of Digital Marketing. Having been a Marine, I bring strong leadership, organization and enthusiasm to every client and project I touch. The Marine Corps mentality of taking projects step-by-step and executing by the numbers has led to many successful projects for myself and my clients. Currently I’m working with a number of different businesses ranging from medical practices to academic institutions. Most notably I serve on the Board of Advisors for The Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism at The University of North Texas. I’m also working as an instructor at UNT assisting one of the professors with a Digital/Social Media Marketing course. I live in Denton, Texas with my wife Jennifer, and daughters Christiane and Ella. In addition to my passion for marketing, I also love many different types of sports and I really enjoy spending time with my friends and family.