Michal Zeevi-Bender

Tel Aviv

I bring the insights of real-world challenges and actions through the experiences of a spectrum of businesses, from struggling start-ups to well-established enterprises. As a pioneer of the internet (I founded an internet start-up in New York City in the early 90s), I know first-hand the importance of what it takes to grow a technology business in a cut-throat business environment. In addition, I have almost two decades of experience in strategy and product shaping in several positions, providing me with a great grasp of technology and trends across the value chain, from the vendors, operators, service providers, and users' perspectives.

I have worked with startups as well as established companies from a range of industries, including telecom, online gaming, internet, creative collaboration, and new media, helping them develop marketing & product strategies, assisting in business development, roadmap definition and go-to-market strategies, representing them at international events such as GSMA in Barcelona and with global customers, developing investor relations and fund-raising. In addition, I have performed due dilligence on many technological startups for angel investors.

I have also lectured at the IDC, at both the Efi Arazi Computer Science department and the Zell Entrepreneurship program, and am teaching a course at the University of Haifa titled "Innovation Nation: The Israeli Phenomenon".