cindy kyuhyun

my name is cindy novianty .I'm 16 years old and now I school in smk nasional ^_^..I miss pan yu ling.. she always make me laugh and also love ALLAH swt,my family and my friend :)) . my current place now it's depok town.. ohh!! I like korean...all about korean . I almost forget my birthday it's november 25,1995 . my current activity now its student..I love kyuhyun oppa because he is handsome,sexy and his smile,eyes and mouth make me melt..hahahaha.. my boyband favorite is SUJU and girlband is SNSD,miss A,T-ara,f(x)..if one day I meet kyu oppa or evil maknae I will talk him and feel fun to himself. my hobby is listening music,watching movie,swimming..I have one brother and parents..

#it's my education#


SDN 01 depok

SDN 22 pg jaksel

MtsN 23 jaksel

SMPN 09 depok


I want my parents proud to me..

my words =>>> try for to be best and keep smile..if I die I want my friends,my parents and my brother smile for me...don't cry..I will try make my parents proud to me until close my eyes :)