Anti Negative

Nonprofit Corporation in the United States

Anti Negative

Nonprofit Corporation in the United States

Lead a life of positivity and become an integral part of the society. @Anti-Negative™, we believe in the power of positive thinking and aim to instill a culture of progress among our society.

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Anti-Negative™ promotes positive thinking and social awareness across the United States. Our mission is to bring effective strategies that will encourage positive ways of being and thinking within Schools and Communities, and into our chosen Life Styles. We make this possible by making great use of literature and by gathering sponsors to help us organize workshops and other events.

This positive way of living and thinking has to start within each one of us. As a people group, we need consistent positive demonstrations of what it means to be positive in our community, business, or culture. We have to be brave enough to stand for what is honorable, just, and noble, so we don't spend our entire lives in fear and in rising every morning to poverty and other social issues.

Many communities perish from lack of knowledge and information. In this regard, we do not operate in vain. We will never give up on our mission, and neither will our light be dimmed by any form of negativity. At Anti-Negative™, we look forward to sharing our plan of action, projects, and accomplishments with you.

We stand against all negativity that corporations and the media feed us. As much as we can, we should grab a hold of all the areas of our lives that we can control. We will draw a conscious in our Youth and listen to them as much as we would to organizations, motivational speakers, clergymen, and every other person in the community. Here at Anti-Negative™, we're all about saying no to negativity regardless of religion, gender, sexuality, age, and nationality.

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