User Experience Designer, Web Developer, and Designer in Seattle, Washington

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I create for a living. Visual design, coding & development, game design, character design... and my great joy: writing Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Ever since I was young I've wanted to write and draw comics, to produce and animate superhero cartoons, write books and screenplays, among other things. Bottom line, I've always wanted to weave stories of my own and share them with the world. To create something special and unique.

The thing is, stories come in a myriad of manifestations, not just narrative and prose. Visual mediums, like the web, can tell stories of their own. Every website, every splash page and social network, is another chapter in a grander codex of our universal mythos. And it is a mythos I want to be a part of.

Creation is key.

  • Work
    • CDK Digital Marketing
  • Education
    • Graphics Technology; BA in Graphic Design