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Cybercrime is currently costing UK businesses an estimated £27bn a year. Intellectual property theft, cybersquatting and phishing are some of the activities UK companies are subject to on a daily basis. This can result in disgruntled customers, loss of revenue and damaged brands.

Here at IP Guardian, we are experts in domain name protection and cybersquatting resolution. We have helped over 200 UK companies protect themselves from cyber-criminals as well as resolve domain name disputes.

Cybersquatting and Domain Name Resolution

With the introduction of 1800+ new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) through ICANN, the number of Cybersquatting cases in the UK are rising. As a result, we have set-up a dedicated service geared towards proactive domain name management as well as domain name dispute resolution. This includes:

Proven Results

IP Guardian has an impressive track record in dealing with cybersquatting cases; our average resolution time is 10 working days and our lowest resolution cost has been £220.

If you feel that IP Guardian could help you or your business, please get in touch for a free consultation today.