Hazel Dann

British Columbia

I am a survivor of a near-death car accident, along with one of my children. We both have traumatic brain injury and still participate in rehabilitation therapies to regain skills such as problem-solving, appropriate social skills, comprehension and memory improvement. We had to re-learn motor-skills,
co-ordination, eating, drinking, walking, grooming and other physical skills, along with mental, emotional and social skills. Cognitive and behavioural therapies for problem solving and coping are still a part of our life. My boy has seizures as a result of his TBI and we both take medication to prevent certain health problems or keep them under control. It has been a challenge and a struggle but also a humbling experience. An injury to a person's head can alter personality, moods, finances, even the role that person had before the injury, including employment, freedom, independence, friendships and other losses. In spite of the TBI, with research, resources, support, feedback, effort and not giving up, we have made remarkable progress. I wrote a book with my story, I even managed to become inspired enough to write and include several poems. I believe that the mind is the most powerful tool as a human and that people don't realize the potential, possibilities and abilities that are available with that kind of power. If a person chooses not to abuse that power but to use it to benefit self and others, very remarkable things can happen, make a difference and change communities. There is a way to progress and get the things desired, if one chooses to seek it out.

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